Today, everything has changed. We know we have changed since grade school, since our first job, or maybe our first significant other. But today, I am different than I was yesterday, and am different than I will be tomorrow. We have good days, we have bad days, and nothing is promised. We have days with significant personal growth, we have days we struggle to simply keep our heads above water, and we have days that drown us.

Everything contends with who I have become for today. Getting here was by choice; a long line of choices made based on other choices, some good and some bad. I heard it often from my mom and it seems to be truer and truer as I journey through life: “whether things are really good, or really bad, they will change”. Some things in this life are out of our control, but the things we can control, we need to strive to do everything we possibly can to leave a positive impression, leave it better than we found it, and walk away from it a better person.


One thought on “Nothing is the same…

  1. I agree if people were to stop showing care and sympathy for eachother and just give up in the darkness of this lifes trials the world may as well have lost all hope. But with the power of our own light the darkness never wins, especially when we spread it to others and make their life a little brighter.

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